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Regents Professors


Abdel Salam, Mohamed Geology 2021-07-01
Abramson, Charles Psychology 2007-07-01
Babu, Kaladi Physics 2012-07-01
Blum, Frank D. Chemistry  2011-07-01
Brorsen, Wade Agricultural Economics 1996-07-01
Bunce, Richard Chemistry 2020-07-01
Burnap, Robert Microbiology and Molecular Genetics  2019-07-01
Carver , Brett Plant and Soil Sciences 2002-07-07
Chaney, John Psychology 2013-07-01
Confer, Anthony Veterinary Pathobiology 2013-07-01
Conway, Tyrrell Microbiology & Molecular Genetics 2017-07-06
Decker, William English 2021-07-01
Delen, Dursun Management Science & Info Systems 2016-07-01
Doye, Damona Agricultural Economics 2004-07-01
El Rassi, Ziad Chemistry 2013-07-01
Elshahed, Mostafa Microbiology and Molecular Genetics 2023-07-01
Fishbein, Mark Plant Biology Ecology and Evolution 2022-07-01
Fuhlendorf, Sam Natural Resource Ecology and Management 2013-07-01
Gethner, Perry Foreign Language  2011-07-01
Giles, Kristopher Entomology & Plant Pathology 2015-07-01
Grammer, G. Michael Geology 2022-07-01
Grubgeld, Elizabeth English 2019-07-01
Hays-Grudo, Jennifer Human Development & Family Science 2016-07-01
Heragu, Sunderesh Industrial Engineering and Management 2015-07-01
Holyoak, Reed Veterinary Medicine 2022-07-01
Jacob, Jamey Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 2023-07-01
Jacobson, Bert Applied Health and Educational Psychology 2014-07-01
Jiang, Haobo Entomology & Plant Pathology 2016-07-01
Jones, Clinton Veterinary Pathobiology 2019-07-01
Jones, Edward English 2015-06-01
Kenkel, Phil Agricultural Economics  2013-07-01
Lavery, Jason History 2019-07-01
Lavine, Barry Chemistry 2021-07-01
Ley, Tyler Civil and Environmental Engineering 2023-07-01
Little, Susan Veterinary Pathobiology 2011-07-01
Liu, Lin Physiological Sciences 2009-07-01
Lucas, Edralin Nutritional Sciences 2021-07-01
Lucca, Don Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 2005-07-01
Lusk, Jayson Agricultural Economics 2013-07-01
Matts, Robert Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 2011-07-01
McMurry, Scott Integrative Biology 2014-07-01
Morris, Amanda Human Development & Family Science 2017-07-06
Mullins, Larry Psychology 2014-07-01
Murphy, Tim English 2016-07-01
Pashin, Jack Geology 2023-07-01
Rickman, Dan Economics  2007-07-01
Sharda, Ramesh Management Science and Information Systems  1997-07-01
Simkins, Betty Finance 2019-07-01
Singh, Raj Materials Science and Engineering 2015-07-01
Spitler, Jeffrey Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 2008-07-01
Van Den Bussche, Ronald Integrative Biology 2009-07-01
Wang, Kelvin              Civil and Environmental Engineering 2020-07-01
Wilson, Gail                NREM                              2020-07-01
Wu, Jiahong Mathematics  2011-07-01
Wu, Yanqi Plant and Soil Sciences 2022-07-01
Yan, Liuling Plant and Soil Sciences 2021-07-01
Yen , Gary Electrical and Computer Engineering 2014-07-01
Zhang, Glenn Animal and Food Sciences 2023-07-01
Zhang, Hailin Plant and Soil Sciences 2011-07-01
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