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Brett Carver

Regents Professor of Plant and Soil Sciences

Brett Carver holds the Wheat Genetics Chair in Agriculture and is a Fellow of the American Society of Agronomy and the Crop Science Society of America. He leads the OSU Wheat Improvement Team in its charge to develop and release winter wheat cultivars custom-fit for the Oklahoma wheat industry. His research interests span numerous trait systems crucial to wheat production and marketing, including grazing adaptation, tolerance to soil acidity, disease resistance, and gluten quality. Other research interests include optimization and empirical measurement of genetic gains. Breeding methods incorporate field and laboratory procedures which enable accurate assessment of both phenotype and genotype. Cultivars released thus far include the hard white cultivars, Intrada, Guymon, and OK Rising, and the hard red winter wheat cultivars Ok101, Ok102, Endurance, Deliver, OK Bullet, Duster, Okfield, Centerfield, Billings, Pete, Garrison, and Ruby Lee. Graduate students from Dr. Carver’s program are prepared for plant breeding research in the public or private sector.

Brett Carver in Commencement Regalia


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