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Liuling Yan

Regents Professor of Plant and Soil Sciences



Dr. Yan is a Regents Professor in wheat molecular genetics and breeding an also a holder of the Dillon and Lois Hodges Professorship. Prior to joining Oklahoma State University in 2006, he worked as a postdoctoral fellow and assistant project scientist at University of California in Davis, where he cloned three wheat vernalization genes that were published in Science and PNAS. At Oklahoma State University, he has mapped and cloned wheat genes for multiple important traits and identified natural allelic variation in locally adapted wheat cultivars. He has been awarded more than 4 million dollars from federal, state and industrial grant agencies. He has delivered the functional genes into 20 new winter wheat varieties that have been released by the Oklahoma Wheat Improvement Team. He is recognized by the USDA Honor Award for Excellence in 2011, James A. Whatley Award for Meritorious Service in Agricultural Sciences at OSU in 2012, ‘Staff of Life’ by the Oklahoma Wheat Commission in 2015, Sarkeys Distinguished Professor Award at OSU in 2016, and ‘Master of the Code’ by Oklahoma Genetics Inc. in 2019.


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Liuling Yan


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