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Student Affairs & Learning Resources Committee

The Student Affairs & Learning Resources Committee consists of three members from the Faculty Council, three members from the General Faculty, one emeritus faculty member, one undergraduate student, and one graduate student.


This committee shall formulate, review, revise and/or recommend policies and long-range plans concerning the Library, and other learning resources.


This committee shall formulate and recommend policies, procedures, and long-range plans pertaining to student concerns and activities common to all divisions of the University, such as those relating to guidance, awards, policy compliance, campus living areas, employment, loans, social activities, and the distribution of scholarships and other financial awards and assistance.


The committee shall make recommendations concerning changes in student regulations.

2023-2024 Committee Members

Faculty Council Members

Heather Yates - Chair

Melanie Boileau

Charlotte Barker


General Faculty Members

Simon Ringsmuth

Candace Schell

Roha Kaipa


Emeritus Faculty Member

Regina Henry


Student Members

Om Aryan Reddy (GPSGA)

Hilary Albrecht (SGA)

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