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Rules & Procedures Committee

The Rules and Procedures Committee consists of four or more members from the Faculty Council.


This committee shall be responsible for rules and procedures relating to faculty participation in University government at all levels.


Its functions shall include the following:

  • consideration of organizational problems of the General Faculty and preparation of amendments to the charter and bylaws of the general faculty and Faculty Council
  • preparation of regulations for faculty elections and conducting and supervising such elections
  • recommendation of the creation or abolition of Faculty Council committees
  • recommendation of procedures for establishing new university committees, boards and councils
  • recommendation of procedures for faculty participation in the government of the university, including the planning, management and evaluation of college and departmental affairs
  • recommendation of procedures for faculty participation in the planning, operation and evaluation of university agencies and programs not under the supervision of any college, such as:
    • computer centers
    • printing and publishing agencies
    • development foundations
    • armed services training
    • public information agencies
    • intercollegiate athletics
  • recommendation of procedures for faculty participation in administrative organization and reorganization at all levels including creation and reorganization of departments, colleges and other academic subdivisions of the university

2020-2021 Committee Members

Faculty Council Members

Karen Neurohr - Chair

Udaya DeSilva

Gina Peek

Pam Lovern

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