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Budget Committee

The Budget Committee consists of two or more members from the Faculty Council, three members from the general council, one emeritus faculty member and the Faculty Council Vice Chair (ex-officio).


This committee shall formulate and recommend policies and long-term plans pertaining to the division of funds in the University. Its functions shall include the following:

  • the university budget preparation and status
  • salary surveys and studies
  • recommendations and long-term plans relating to the division of funds and resources among various university programs and activities. In addition, it shall be available to consult with and advise the president of the university and other appropriate administrators on the matters pertaining to the budget recommendations to be made to the Board of Regents and the division of funds and resources within the university

2020-2021 Committee Members

Faculty Council Members

Tyrrell Conway - Chair

Cindy Melancon

Ramesh Kaipa

Ben Bindewald


General Faculty Members

Dingbo Lin

Sandeep Nabar

Rob Agnew

Michele Seikel


Emeritus Faculty Member

Andrea Arquitt


Ex-Officio Member

Pam Lovern

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