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Long-Range Planning & Information Technology Committee

The Long-Range Planning and Information Technology Committee consists of two or more members of the Faculty Council, two or more members from the general faculty, one emeritus faculty member, immediate past Chair of Faculty Council (ex-officio) and current Vice Chair of Faculty Council.


This committee is devoted to an examination of the future of OSU and with the increasing role of information technology as it applies to the work of the academy. Ongoing discussions about the nature of the institution and its technological apparatus are in the domain of the committee.


This committee should develop and continually update a faculty "agenda" for the university and regularly report to the Council about its discussions as well as about the acquisition, distribution and use of information technology and the use of electronic media.


This committee shall work with the Chair of Faculty Council in regularly reviewing committee structure and membership. Faculty development issues shall also be the responsibility of this committee.

2020-2021 Committee Members

Faculty Council Members

Christopher Crick - Chair

Benjamin Bindewald

Scott Frazier

Brandt Gardner


General Faculty Members

Juliana Nykolaiszyn

Ryan Reuter

Kevin Dyke

Kris Hiney


Faculty Council Vice Chair

Pam Lovern


Emeritus Representative

John Kirkpatrick

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