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Athletics, Health, and Wellness Committee

The Athletics, Health, and Wellness Committee consists of three members from the Faculty Council (one of which should be the representative from the Center for Health Sciences), three members from the general faculty, one emeritus member and two undergraduate students (one man and one woman from Intercollegiate Athletics, or Club Sports, or Intramural Athletics). The Athletic Director or appointee(s), the Director of Wellness or appointee(s), and the Director of University Health Services or appointees(s), shall act as non-voting liaison members. 


This Committee shall formulate, review, revise and/or
recommend policies, procedures, and long-range plans
pertaining to academic, physical and behavioral health
resources and services for the University community. The
committee shall particularly focus on the physical and behavioral
health of all intercollegiate athletes, club sport and intramural
athletics, as well as the general student body, faculty and staff
active in athletics, sports, and wellness activities in the
University, with a goal of promoting quality and equity of services
to all. Its functions shall include the following:

(1) Serve as a conduit to the Faculty Council on data
gathered from university departments, e.g., Wellness
(Campus Recreation and Club Sports, Mental Health
resources, Student Wellness and Employee Wellness),
Athletics, University Health Services, and University
Counseling Services, related to services and resources
on health, wellness, and sports activities.

(2) Assess, monitor and evaluate the needs for potential and
current outreach programs in health and wellness.


(3) Work collaboratively with the departments of Athletics,
Wellness, University Health Services, Student Affairs,
Academic Affairs, and University Counseling Services to
provide guidance in comprehensive physical and
behavioral health services and resources to directly
benefit the University community.

(4) Receive annual and/or other specialized reports
pertaining to intercollegiate athletics, club and intramural
sports and recreation, student and employee wellness.

(5) Make recommendations and provide oversight of student,
faculty, and employee health and wellness initiatives.

2023-2024 Committee Members

Faculty Council Members

Aric Warren- Chair

John Michael Riley

Jentre Olsen


General Faculty Members

McKale Montgomery

Jennifer Volberding

John Holden


Emeritus Council Member

Doug Aichele


Student Members

Cayden Brickman (SGA)

Alex Willard (SGA)


Liaison Members

Ben Dyson

Marilyn Middlebrook

Jack Henneha

Todd Misener


University NCAA Faculty Representative

Stephen Clarke

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