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Campus Facilities, Safety & Security Committee

Three members from the Faculty Council, three members from the General Faculty, one emeritus faculty member, and two student members, one representing residential housing and one representing off-campus housing. The Chief Facilities Manager and the Long-Range Facilities Planning Director or appointees shall act as non-voting liaison members. The committee shall formulate, review, revise, and/or recommend policies and long-range plans pertaining to campus facilities, safety, and security, including:
(1) the design, construction, and naming of new campus buildings;

(2) the control of campus traffic and parking;
(3) safety and security;
(4) the assignment of space and equipment for office, classroom, laboratory, and living use, together with maintenance and repair thereof;
(5) the establishment of new campuses and other off- campus facilities;
(6) physical plant.
The Committee shall also meet with the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) every Fall to review contingency plans for handling campus emergencies.

2023-2024 Committee Members

Faculty Council Members

Cristina Gonzalez - Chair

Ravi Jadeja



General Faculty Members

Patrick Daglaris

Paulette Hebert

Jeffrey Callicoat


Emeritus Faculty Member

Ron Thrasher


Student Members

Abiola Samson (GPSGA)

Ty McLaughlin (SGA)


Liaison Members

Ron Tarbutton, Chief Facilities Officer

Phil Thomas, Director, Long Range Facilities Planning

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