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Faculty Committee

The Faculty Committee consists of three members from the Faculty Council, three members from the General Faculty, Faculty Council Secretary (ex officio) and one emeritus faculty member.


This committee shall formulate, review, revise, and/or recommend policies governing faculty status, including appointment, tenure, reappointment, dismissal, promotion, leaves, summer work, performance standards, employment, working conditions, workloads, research activities, and similar concerns of the members of the General Faculty.


In addition, the committee shall be available to consult with and advise the President of the University on matters which require application or interpretation of policies concerning the Faculty not otherwise provided for within these Bylaws.

2023-2024 Committee Members

Faculty Council Members

James Knapp - Chair

Deana Hildebrand

Christian Bach


General Faculty Members

Timm Bliss

Mindy McCann

MaryJo Self


Faculty Council Secretary (Ex-Officio)

Christopher Crick


Emeritus Faculty Member

Barbara Miller

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