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General Education Advisory Committee

The General Education Advisory Council is made up of representatives from each of the undergraduate Colleges, as well as representatives from the School of Global Studies and Partnerships, Institutional Diversity and Faculty Council, and chaired by the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs. This group meets seven times throughout the year (more often if needed) to discuss general education. Members of the Council serve a three year term and are responsible for the approval of new general education requests and periodic review of existing general education credit.


Meet the Members

Spring 2024 GEAC Meeting Information



General Education at OSU

 At OSU, we're committed to providing students a depth of knowledge in their major fields of study and breadth of general knowledge to address issues in a multifaceted and evolving society. OSU aims to give students skills and attitudes conducive to lifelong learning through general education. Read more here.


GEAC Meeting Minutes

This council meets regularly to discuss various topics as they pertain to general education at OSU. The detailed minutes of those meetings can be found below. 


April 18

March 14

February 22

February 9



November 28 Email Vote

November 7

October 10

September 29

April Email Vote

March 31

February 17



November 30

October 31

September 30

April 29

March 25

March 11

February 18




November 19

September 24

October 22

April 28

April 16

March 26

February 19

January 26



December Email Vote

November 20

October 19

September 21

April 30

April 9

March 14

March 12

February 13



November 22

October 17

September 27

April 25

April 11

February 14



November 8

October 11

September 13

May 14

April 27

March 14 Email Vote

March 5

February 9

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