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Why General Education at OSU?

Some students consider beginning their college education at a two-year school to take their general education courses before transferring to a four-year university like OSU. While selecting a two-year school may be the right choice for some students, there are a few things to take into consideration when making that decision.

When students transfer from one school to another, it could result in excess credits that are unnecessary or won't transfer into a specific degree program. Those excess credits can cost additional time and money. Additionally, general education courses at OSU are often taught by faculty at the top of their field and can help students experience a subject matter for the first time that could result in a major change and a fulfilling lifelong career.

Academic advising is also really important for helping students graduate as early as possible and a consistent advising experience from start to finish at one university is beneficial. Starting at OSU provides students with the most streamlined, well-rounded and high-quality education possible.



General Education Requirements


  1. Six semester credit hours of English composition
  2. Three semester credit hours of American history (HIST 1103 or equivalent) and three semester credit hours of American government (POLS 1113) 
  3. At least six semester credit hours in each of the approved general education designated areas of Humanities (H) and Natural Sciences (N, at least one course in each of these two areas must come from the approved general education lower-division course list)
  4. At least three semester credit hours of Analytical and Quantitative Thought (A) and Social and Behavioral Sciences (S)
  5. At least one course designated as International Dimension (I), one course in Scientific Investigation (L), and one Diversity (D) course



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