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General education courses and programs help create well-rounded, lifelong learners at OSU and beyond. 

Why is general education important?

Creating a better world.
Your education at OSU will prepare you for so much more than just your professional life. Although it is important to us that you graduate with all of the tools to be successful in your desired field, what is equally important to us is the foundation laid for lifelong learning through general education courses.
OSU’s mission includes improving the lives of people in Oklahoma, our nation and the world and providing OSU graduates with the tools to make a difference in the world. One of the most important ways to reach these goals is to provide students with the resources and education to be lifelong learners.

Key Benefits of Lifelong Learning

Understanding the world around us.
Lifelong learning allows us to better understand the world around us, can provide us with more and better opportunities and even improve quality of life. Lifelong learning can even boost confidence and self-esteem and help us achieve a more satisfying personal life. The general education courses students will take at OSU will provide the skills and tools needed to become a lifelong learner.

Key Benefits of General Education

Constructing a foundation

General education courses help to construct a broad foundation for your specialized course of study.


The ability to read, observe, and listen with comprehension is a skill that can be developed and improved. General education courses will provide you with the tools to improve your comprehension skills.


Effective communication skills are another key benefit of general education. Effective communication skills are important in all aspects of life, so it is especially important to enhance this skill.

Critical Thinking

Critical analysis and problem solving both important critical thinking skills that can be best improved through practice. General education courses will provide you with the opportunity to put these skills into practice.

Acceptance and Understanding

Through general education courses, you will have the ability to expand your capacity to understand and respect diversity in people, beliefs and societies.

General Education Content Areas

Each of the seven content areas contributes to a well-rounded education for OSU graduates.
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