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Academic Retention Criteria

Oklahoma State maintains the following standards related to the retention of students pursuing study in undergraduate programs for the current academic year.

Academic Standing

Academic notice, probation and suspension status are determined using the overall hours attempted, overall GPA and the following criteria:


0 through 30 hours attempted . . . . . . . 1.70 minimum GPA
31 or more hours attempted . . . . . . . .  2.00 minimum GPA


Academic Notice

Students with 0 through 30 hours attempted and 1.70 to 1.99 GPA are placed on academic notice. Students on academic notice who do not raise the GPA to 2.00 by the time they have attempted over 30 hours are placed on probation. Academic notice is cautionary in nature and is noted on the transcript.


Academic Warning

Students that have an institution (OSU) GPA less than 2.00 or that do not earn a 2.00 GPA for the term are placed on academic warning. Students on academic warning have retained their overall GPA of 2.00. However, failure to improve their OSU GPA or term GPA in future semesters may result in academic probation or delay graduation. Academic warning is cautionary in nature and not noted on the transcript.


Academic Probation

Students previously in good standing who fail to meet the above standard are placed on academic probation. Students on probation may continue enrollment in an attempt to improve their academic standing. The student remains on probation until the overall GPA meets the standard for hours attempted.


During a probationary semester, a student must earn a 2.00 term GPA (not including activity courses) or raise the overall GPA to the retention standard to be eligible for continued enrollment.


Academic Suspension

Academic suspension occurs when a student on probation fails to earn a 2.00 term GPA or bring the overall GPA to the minimum standard. Suspension normally means a student may not enroll at OSU for at least one regular semester (i.e. fall or spring). The following exceptions allow for continued enrollment:


1. 90 Hour Rule
A student who has completed 90 or more hours toward their declared major and has been suspended may request immediate reinstatement to continue toward degree completion and attempt to meet the retention standard.  The 90-hour rule may be used only once and only at the discretion of the student's academic college.


2. Suspension Appeals
Students who have been suspended only once and who believe their suspension resulted from extraordinary or exceptional circumstances beyond their control have the opportunity to submit a written petition and documentation to the Academic Reinstatement Appeals Review Board.


3. Summer Reinstatement Program
Students suspended for the first time at the end of a spring semester may enroll in six or more hours at OSU-Stillwater or OSU-Tulsa to earn the opportunity to continue enrollment in the fall. Courses taken must meet general education or major requirements. The summer GPA must be 2.00 or better for continued enrollment in the fall semester.


4. Readmission After Suspension
Students who have been suspended only once may petition for readmission after they have been away from OSU for at least one regular (fall or spring) semester.  Readmission is considered on an individual basis.  The following represent some factors that may enhance the likelihood of reinstatement:

  • Evidence of academic motivation shown through completion of courses at another institution or through independent and correspondence study.
  • Explanation of previous academic or personal problems and steps taken to resolve them.
  • Length of time away from OSU-time to resolve issues or mature is a positive factor.
  • Student academic record in courses related to major of interest.

5. Second Suspensions
Students suspended for a second time may not be considered for reinstatement by petition or readmission until they have been away from OSU for at least one regular (fall or spring) semester and completed work at another institution to bring their overall GPA to 2.00. Only the "90-Hour Rule" may supersede a second suspension.


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