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Diversity and Equal Opportunity Resources

Oklahoma State University is committed to excellence in diversity and inclusion. Below you will find a couple of links to resources that are useful to all students, faculty and staff to ensure continued diversity and inclusion throughout our institution. 


NOTE:  Due to on-going health and safety precautions to mitigate the spread of Covid-19, delivery of services provided by community and University resources may be modified, so you are encouraged to contact service providers in advance of a visit.


Institutional Diversity

Oklahoma State University is a land-grant institution committed to excellence in diversity and inclusion. We strive to maintain a welcoming and inclusive environment that appreciates and values all members of the University community. Diversity is defined as engagement in meaningful actions, behaviors, and conversations that reflect a commitment to recognizing, understanding, and respecting the differences among students, faculty, staff, and visitors throughout the OSU system.

Affinity Groups and Ethnic Organizations


Anti-Discrimination and Title IX Protections

OSU is committed to creating an environment for all students and employees that is fair and responsible, an environment where all members of the OSU community are treated with dignity and respect and distinctions are made on the basis of ability and performance. This commitment is based on our dedication to educational justice and the promise of each individual, as well as adherence to federal and state civil rights laws and University policies and procedures. OSU provides equal employment and educational opportunity on the basis of merit and in a manner which does not discriminate because of an individual's age, race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, genetic information, gender identity or expression, national origin, disability, protected veteran status, or other protected category. 


NOTE: This is updated annually to serve as a resource for all OSU employees, although some references are applicable only to faculty. The Provost’s Office, on behalf of the original COACHE Working Group, welcomes comments and/or suggestions of other resources that would be useful to include on this site. Suggestions should be emailed to 

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