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For OSU Faculty

BridgeThe Office of Scholar Development has led summer study programs in the United Kingdom since 2002, when OSU Rhodes Scholar Blaine Greteman envisioned and developed a course on Oxford Authors at the University of Oxford. The program continued at Oxford in 2003 and in 2004, Dr. Doren Recker traveled with a group of OSU students to the University of Cambridge to study Science, Politics, and Values in The Origin of Species at Magdalene College. The Cambridge Scholars Program has been hosted by Magdalene College ever since, and in 2014 President Burns Hargis, distinguished OSU and Cambridge alumni, and Dr. Robert Graalman (Director Emeritus of the Office of Scholar Development) joined the students to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Program at Magdalene College.


The tradition continues today, with the rich, academic history of the University of Cambridge providing a unique setting for ambitious OSU students to engage in this two-week international study program. While the course topic and content change each summer, students receive three hours of upper-division credit and if the course carries a general education designation, in most cases it fulfills a requirement for their academic degree plan. The course is listed on the fall semester of the student's transcript. Faculty are encouraged to cross-list the course with an offering in their home department as well as HONR 3000 for active students in The Honors College. 

Future Course Development

Because the Program is open to all majors and classifications, successful Cambridge courses focus on a topic that is accessible to students from a variety of academic backgrounds and with varying levels of experience with the course content. Team-taught and interdisciplinary courses tend to be well received as they allow for broadly engaging lectures, discussions, and assignments. Successful courses also effectively utilize the city of Cambridge and surrounding areas to provide context and supplement coursework, as a primary focus of the program is to expose students to significant historical, cultural, and personal experiences in addition to traditional classroom study. Previous faculty have provided reading materials well in advance, which allows the students to take full advantage of the location for the duration of the two-week course. Final projects are often due after the conclusion of the program so the students have an opportunity to reflect on their experiences.


 Additional components that contribute to the success of the Cambridge Scholars Program include special projects, course-specific excursions, guest lecturers, and a service activity related to the course. 


The Office of Scholar Development & Undergraduate Research partners with the College of Arts and Sciences Outreach office to plan and execute the Cambridge Scholars Program every summer. The annual budget is based upon the estimated number of students who will participate in the program (typically 15-20), so faculty are encouraged to develop proposals with awareness of a limited budget. All accepted students who participate in the course receive substantial scholarship support made possible by the Lew Wentz Foundation and the Henry Bellmon Office of Scholar Development & Undergraduate Research. 


Promotion of the program begins in the fall semester, and applications are due at the beginning of December the year preceding the program. 

Proposal Submission Process

The Office of Scholar Development is currently accepting proposals for the 2025 Cambridge Scholars Program. To submit a proposal, please click the link below. Proposals will be routed to the Department Head for faculty endorsement and to the College Dean's Office for approval. A review committee will consider proposals and select the 2025 Program by mid-October.


2025 Cambridge Scholars Program dates are contingent upon availability at Magdalene College. 


Deadline for Proposals: Friday, September 6


Cambridge Scholars Program: Course Proposal Form


Additional Information

For a list of previous Cambridge Scholars Programs, please click here. If you have questions or need any additional information about this program or the proposal process, please contact the Office of Scholar Development at (405) 744-7313 or Jessica Sullins, Director, at

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