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Oklahoma State University

Remedial Courses

Remedial coursework is offered in Stillwater by Northern Oklahoma College (NOC) according to the Memorandum of Understanding between OSU and NOC.  OSU students who qualify may enroll in NOC remedial courses with their academic advisors using the OSU enrollment system. Although these courses appear on the OSU class schedule while the course is in session, they are taught by NOC and appear as transfer work from NOC on the OSU transcript after the term ends.

Remedial (0-level) courses are identified by the first digit in the course number—a zero (0), e.g., UNIV 0123.  These courses cannot be applied toward the degree, but do count for full-time enrollment status (except for honor roll eligibility).   “0-level courses” can be counted toward NCAA athletic eligibility only if taken during the student’s freshman year.

Freshman students receive recommendations regarding the need for remediation through the Entry Level Assessment Report (ELPA) provided when they enroll for their first semester. 

Remediation will normally take place during the first year on campus, preferably during the first semester.  According to State Regents policy, curricular and performance deficiencies must be remediated within the first 24 hours of college credit.