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Oklahoma State University

Adding, Dropping and Withdrawing from Courses

Policy and Procedures Letter 2-0206:
Adding and Dropping Courses and Withdrawing from the University

Drop and Withdraw Deadlines

Adding without Instructor Approval
Courses may be added without instructor approval

  • Log onto SIS Web for students, or
  • Submit a completed Drop/Add Card to the Registrar’s Office (322 Student Union) or Enrollment Services in Tulsa.

Adding During Restrictive Drop/Add Period
Courses may be added during the restrictive drop/add period.  Adding courses requires the signature of your instructor and advisor on a drop/add card.

  • Take completed drop/add card to Registrar’s Office (322 Student Union) or Enrollment Services in Tulsa.

Adding Short/Block Courses
Students must enroll in Short/Block courses by 5:00 p.m. on the first day of the Short course.  Short/block courses are added and dropped by completing a drop/add card.

  • Take completed drop/add card to Registrar’ Office (322 Student Union) or Enrollment Services in Tulsa.

Dates for Short/Block courses that are offered for resident credit and other information regarding Short/Block courses are available on the Registrar's Homepage at

Dropping a Course(s)
Students may drop a course(s) during the first 12 weeks of the semester.  You must remain enrolled in at least one OSU course. Remedial courses cannot be dropped without written permission of the advisor.

Dropping with an automatic “W”

  • Obtain academic advisor’s signature on Drop/Add Card.
  • Take completed drop/add card to Registrar’s Office (322 Student Union) or Enrollment Services in Tulsa.  Failure to complete this step will result in an "F" on your transcript.

Retroactive Drop/Withdraw Procedure
The maximum time period for submitting a petition to drop a course after the deadline is no later than six months after the date the grade for the course is officially due in the Registrar's Office.

A course may be dropped by petition but only when verifiable extenuating circumstances can be demonstrated. Verifiable extenuating circumstances must be reasons beyond your control, such as serious illness or accidental injury. Poor performance in class is not an extenuating circumstance.

  1. Obtain a Retroactive Drop/Withdraw Petition.
  2. Fill out the drop petition and attach a written statement to your petition explaining your extenuating circumstance and include supporting documentation.
  3. Get the signature of your advisor and director of student services--See table below.
  4. Submit the completed petition form to Academic Affairs (101 Whitehurst).
  5. The Late Drop Committee usually meets once a month. The committee meets weekly after the drop deadline through the week after final exams each semester. The committee reviews petitions and will approve or deny the request.
  6. If your petition is approved for an incident that occurred before the drop deadline it will be sent automatically to the Registrar for grade assignment.
  7. If the approved petition incident occurred after the deadline, the approved petition will be sent to your instructor for grade assignment. Please note, your instructor may assign a grade of "W" or "F".

Tuition Appeal - According to the Oklahoma State Regents of Higher Education, institutions may refund tuition and fees paid by a student who must withdraw from the institution due to hardship or extraordinary circumstances. Students may only petition for refund of tuition and fees for course in which they have officially withdrawn.

Withdrawing from the University
Students who drop all courses are no longer enrolled for the current semester.

Forms and information are available in the Registrar’s Office (322 Student Union) or OSU-Tulsa Advisement Center. If you completed a short course this semester, you are not eligible to withdraw from the university; you must complete a Drop/Add card.

Student Academic Services Offices by College

Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources
Deb VanOverbeke
136 Agriculture Hall
744-5395/Fax: 744-5339

Arts and Sciences
Amy Martindale
213 Life Sciences East
744-5658/Fax: 744-6992

Amy Gazaway
106 Willard Hall
744-6350/Fax: 744-1834

Engineering, Architecture and Technology
Lance Millis
101 Engineering North
744-5276/Fax: 744-6066

Graduate College
Richard Shepard
202 Whitehurst
744-7099/Fax: 744-0355

Human Sciences
Kristi Seuhs
101 Human Sciences
744-5056/Fax: 744-7113

Spears School of Business
Marissa McIntyre
103 Business Building
744-2772/Fax: 744-8956

University College Advising
Missy Wikle
214 Student Union
744-5333/Fax: 744-6075

Veterinary Health Sciences
Robin Wilson
112 McElroy Hall
744-6961/Fax: 744-0356

Academic Advising Center, OSU-Tulsa
Susan Tolbart
130 North Hall
(918) 594-8313/
Fax: (918) 594-8246