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Resilience in Times of Challenge and Change

Monday, October 19, 2020


We are excited to infuse our virtual time together with inspiration and ideas from one of the warmest and most engaging leadership trainers, Paul Wesselmann, MA. Wesselmann has a master's in higher education and worked on several campuses before becoming a full time leadership trainer and keynote speaker. He has spoken on hundreds of campuses around North American and is the author of two books. More than 30,000 students and student affairs professionals read his weekly inspirational RIPPLES emails on Monday mornings, and thousands more follow @RipplesGuy on social media.


Earlier this year, Wesselmann created a series of video pep talks to help his friends and followers survive, revive and thrive during the pandemic. His message: WE GOT THIS if we can come together with curious minds, open hearts and calm spirits while we nurture our health. He has expanded the content to help people rethink how they approach all kinds of challenges and changes. Our closing session is certain to life spirits while providing practical ideas. Wesselmann will be sharing some bonus treats for those  still on the call at the very end, so be sure to stick around!

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