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Enjoy access to recordings of live events as well as on-demand content. Accompanying discussion boards may be available via the Stillwater Advising Community Canvas and will be specified. We hope you enjoy the opportunity to refresh your knowledge and grow your advising skills. 

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Transfer Students and Retention

 February 1st, 2021


This presentation will explore transfer student success at OSU, the transfer shock students experience as they transition into OSU, and the prevailing theories on transfer student needs and challenges. There is a Pre-presentation survey and a Post-presentation Survey that we ask all participants to complete. Links are below. You can complete the Pre-presentation survey at any time prior to the presentation.

Please ensure to write down or remember the pseudonym or unique ID you create in the Pre-presentation survey, as you will be asked to provide it for the Post-presentation survey. Please complete the Post-presentation survey after watching the presentation.

Pre-presentation Transfer Student Success Survey

Post-presentation Transfer Student Success Survey


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