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Oklahoma State University

Academic Affairs Units

Division of Academic Affairs

The Office of the Provost and Senior Vice President

As the Chief Academic Officer of the University, the Provost and Senior Vice President (Vice President, Academic Affairs) serves as the senior member of the President's Cabinet. The Provost is expected to plan and develop academic programs; foster the academic growth and development of faculty, staff, and students; plan and execute academic policies; and budget and administer academic programs and related activities. In cooperation with the academic deans and members of the Faculty Council, the Provost also monitors Faculty Appraisal and Development; Administrator Appraisal; and Reappointment, Promotion, and Tenure processes.

The Associate Provost and Associate Vice President for Undergraduate Education provides oversight for the general education program for the University. This 40-credit program provides students with general knowledge, skills, and attitudes conducive to lifelong learning in a complex society. The breadth of general education requirements stimulates intellectual curiosity, original thought and expression, the capacity for critical analysis and problem solving, and the ability to make conscious value judgments consistent with personal needs and the public interest. General education assists graduates to function in and appreciate the human and natural environment.

The Associate Provost also provides oversight for the Bachelor of University Studies, The Honors College, Office of Scholar Development and Recognition, Office of University Academic Services, University Re-Accreditation self-study. The Associate Provost also represents Academic Affairs on numerous committees.

Meet the Office Personnel

Dr. Gary SandefurGary Sandefur

Provost and Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs,
Professor of Sociology


Gary Sandefur became Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs at Oklahoma State University in July, 2014 after working for thirty years at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  At Wisconsin, he served as Professor of Sociology and Dean of the College of Letters and Science, among other positions. Sandefur and his wife, Kathy, are natives of Oklahoma and were pleased to have the opportunity to return home. 

Sandefur has published widely on issues at the intersection of population studies and public policy. His most cited work is a book with Sara McLanahan, Growing Up with a Single Parent: What Hurts, What Helps, published by Harvard University Press in 1994. His many articles and book chapters deal with a range of topics, especially American Indians, racial inequality, and family issues.

Sandefur’s awards include election as a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and the William Goode and Otis Dudley Duncan awards from the American Sociological Association for Growing Up with a Single Parent. He was also awarded the Chancellor’s Award for Teaching, the most prestigious teaching award at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

As Provost, Sandefur is committed to improving the freshman retention rate and graduation rates.  He also works with colleagues inside and outside the Provost’s office on efforts to encourage more students to “Finish in Four.”  Sandefur works closely with the Deans to insure that OSU hires strong faculty members and provides them with the resources and mentoring that they need to be successful.  He works with the Vice President for Research on enhancing the research profile of OSU and with the Vice President for Institutional Diversity on making OSU a more diverse and inclusive institution.  He works closely with the Faculty Council officers to ensure that the faculty voice is heard on important issues facing Oklahoma State University and that university policies are reviewed and modified as times change.  

Dr. Pamela FryDr Pamela Fry

 Vice Provost and Associate Vice President for Undergraduate
Education, Professor in the College of Education and Provost & Vice President, OSU-Tulsa 


Pamela Martin Fry assumed the role of Associate Provost and Associate Vice President of Undergraduate Education at Oklahoma State University in January 2011. Fry previously served six years as Dean of the College of Education and three years as the School Head of Teaching and Curriculum Leadership at OSU.  She also served as OSU's Interim Provost in 2013-2014.

Prior to moving to OSU in 2001, Fry served 12 years as a faculty member and as an administrator at the University of Oklahoma with appointments at the associate dean, department chair, and program chair levels. Fry, a full professor in the area of Curriculum Studies, holds a bachelor’s degree with highest honors from OU where she was named to the College’s inaugural Hall of Fame class known as the “75 Who Made a Difference.” From OSU, Dr. Fry received a master’s degree in Applied Behavioral Studies and a doctoral degree in the area of Curriculum and Supervision. Fry was named the College’s outstanding graduate student in 1989.

Fry’s research agenda focuses on the cultural and axiological analysis of teaching, learning, and curriculum at both the P-12 and collegiate levels. She has taught courses in the areas of educational philosophy, leadership, management, and advocacy; supervision of educational personnel; curriculum development, teaching, and assessment of learning; and evaluation and improvement of educational institutions. While at OU, Fry coordinated master’s programs in Germany and England. In 1996, Fry received the Distinguished Researcher Award from the Association of Teacher Educators in recognition of the most outstanding investigation influencing teacher education.

Over her career, Fry has provided leadership to education at local, state, and national levels including service as editor of one of the top national journals in teacher education and as one of four nationally-elected representatives to the board of directors for the American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education, a primary leadership organization for professional education in the United States. At the community level, Fry served two terms term as a trustee on the Stillwater Public Education Foundation’s (SPEF) board and was honored in 2010 with the SPEF Pioneer Service Award.

Ms. Denise Weaver
Assistant to the Provost

Ms. Erin O'Hara
Executive Administrative Associate, Provost

Ms. Kyndal Roark
Executive Administrative Assistant, VP & AVPUE

Ms. Diane Jones 
Curriculum Specialist

Ms. Candace Thrasher
 Coordinator, Academic Integrity


Academic Affairs Units

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Academic Services for Student-Athletesalt
Dr. Marilyn Middlebrook, Director & Associate Athletic Director

Center for Sovereign Nations
Dr. Elizabeth Payne, Director

Institute for the Study of Free Enterprise
Dr. Vance Fried, Emeritus Professor & Director

Institute for Teaching & Learning Excellence 
Dr. Christine Ormsbee, Associate Provost & Director

OSU Museum of Art
Mrs. Vicky Berry, Director

Ms. Rita Peaster, Registrar

Scholar Development & Undergraduate Research 
Ms. Jessica Sullins, Director

University Assessment and Testing
Dr. Ryan Chung, Director

University College
Ms. Cheryl Kleeman, Director, Transfer & Veteran Affairs
Ms. Jessica Priddy Bullock, Director, Pre-Professional Academic Support Services

University College Advising 
Ms. Missy Wikle, Assistant Vice President for Transition and Retention

University Reaccreditation 
Dr. Brenda Masters, Director