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Procedural Information

If a possible academic integrity violation has been discovered, the instructor should complete the Academic Integrity Inquiry Form to notify the student. 

Policies and Procedures

OSU is committed to instilling and upholding integrity as a core value. This policy embodies OSU’s dedication to maintaining an honest academic environment and ensures fair resolution of alleged violations of academic integrity.

Cowboy Values

OSU's Cowboy Values include honesty, trust, respect, responsibility, fairness, and courage.  We believe these fundamental values are the cornerstone of academic integrity.  

Student Appeal Information

Students have the right to appeal an academic integrity violation or sanction.  After the resolution meeting, a student can submit an Academic Integrity Appeal (Form C) and have the case reviewed by the Academic Integrity Panel.


Oklahoma State University's reputation and intellectual freedom depend on an uncompromising commitment to academic integrity.  We are committed to instilling and upholding integrity as a core value at OSU.  
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