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Diversity Committee

The OSU Diversity Committee is comprised of two members from the Faculty Council, three members from the general faculty, one emeritus faculty member, one undergraduate student and one graduate student. The composition of this committee should reflect the gender, sexual orientation, religious and ethnic diversity of the campus. A representative from the Division of Institutional Diversity will be appointed by the Vice President of Institutional Diversity to serve as a liaison between the Diversity Committee and the Division of Institutional Diversity. Committee members are encouraged to invite faculty from colleges without representation to this committee to participate as non-voting members.


This committee will work with Faculty Council officers in reviewing committee structure and membership to ensure that the existing policies and processes related to the recruitment, retention and inclusion of diverse faculty, particularly from underrepresented groups on campus, and if needed, develop new guidelines, processes or policy recommendations to enhance and promote diversity and inclusiveness on campus.


Other functions of this committee shall include the following:


  • annually review diversity data reports and summaries from the Vice President of Institutional Diversity or designee
  • work collaboratively with the Division of Institutional Diversity and/or other members of the administration to assess the inclusion of diversity related issues in both curricular and non-curricular programming on campus

2022-2023 Committee Members

Faculty Council Members

Divya Jaroni - Chair

Stephen Perkins

Babu Fathepure

General Faculty Members

Rebeccas Sheehan

Shelia Kennison

Thomas Dickey


Emeritus Faculty Member

Mimi Ward


Student Members


Lucas Fenderson (SGA)


Liaison Member

Clyde Wilson, Division of Institutional Diversity



DEI Directory

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Directory - A directory of a groups, councils, committees, associations, taskforces, etc. related to diversity, equity and inclusion across OSU.

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