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Athletics Committee

The Athletics Committee consists of two or more members from the Faculty Council, three members from the general faculty, one emeritus member and two students - one male and one female (both attend OSU on athletic scholarships). The athletic director or his/her appointee(s) shall act as liaison to the athletic department. 


This committee shall formulate and recommend policies regarding the role of organized athletics, both intramural and intercollegiate, in the life of the university. The committee shall particularly monitor and report on the sources and expenditure of athletic department funds and health of the academic programs undertaken by students who participate in intercollegiate athletics.

2020-2021 Committee Members

Faculty Council Members

Justin Talley - Chair

Divya Jaroni

Aaron Ware


General Faculty Members

Bobbi Kay Lewis

Blake Wilson

McKale Montgomery


Emeritus Council Member

Doug Aichele


Student Members

Aaron Carmichael (SGA)

Ashley Crabbs (SGA)


Liaison Members

Kevin Fite

Marilyn Middlebrook


University NCAA Faculty Representative

Stephen Clarke

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