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Oklahoma State University

President's Cup Award Winners

First Place team receiving the Traveling Trophy and $5,000 is Low Maintenance Livestock Monitoring via Environment Powered Internet of Things, with team leader Sabit Ekin, Assistant Professor in the School of Electrical & Computer Engineering, College of Engineering, Architecture & Technology.

This project develops a comprehensive, integrated livestock monitoring system that will help ranchers and dairy farmers monitor important individual animal and field management parameters of their animals including all-around health and location of livestock. This will improve production efficiency, human quality of life, and animal wellbeing. A holistic approach is being followed for designing and developing an integrated animal monitoring system that uses the internet of things technologies, and state-of-the-art energy harvesting methods to overcome battery life challenges. The project also enhances collaboration among the multi-disciplinary research team members which include expertise from Electrical and  Computer Engineering, Animal Science, Agricultural Engineering, and Entrepreneurship to realize the best possible livestock monitoring and management system.


Second Place and $3,000 goes to MITO Material Solutions, a Successful OSU Student Startup Company with team leader Richard Gajan, Clinical Assistant Professor and Director of the Accelerate OSU in the School of Entrepreneurship, Spears School of Business.

MITO  Material  Solutions,  is  a  student  start-up  assisted  by  the  School  of Entrepreneurship, the College of Engineering and the College of Arts of Sciences at OSU. The OSU technology that we have developed is a nano-additive added to epoxy and other resins that increases composite material toughness by 100% or more. This has applications in industries ranging from RV, automotive  and aerospace sectors. Improving the interlaminar toughness gives manufacturers the ability to make lighter or tougher parts, thereby reducing the likelihood of mechanical failure by 80% by using the exact same manufacturing methods. The OSU interdisciplinary group has assisted the MITO team to develop the technology and win 1st place at the Oklahoma Governor's cup and 2nd place at the prestigious Rice Business Plan competition, winning $160K in business plan competitions, $66K in grant funding, establishing a company, creating jobs in Oklahoma and advancing the land-grant mission of OSU.

Third Place and $2,000 goes to Using Virtual Reality to Advance STEM Education in Oklahoma, with team leader Ed Harris, Professor of Educational Foundations, Leadership and Aviation, College of Education, Health & Aviation.

Faculty members from programs across the College of Education, Health, and Aviation (CEHA) are partnering with the ANGARI Foundation and PK-12 classroom teachers to advance STEM education in Oklahoma via virtual reality (VR) technologies and engaging, authentic classroom experiences. The purpose of the interdisciplinary project is to bring VR technologies to Oklahoma public school classrooms and in the CEHA to equip pre-service and practicing educators to effectively use this technology. This project expands learning opportunities for Oklahoma students, promotes undergraduate research and prepares students for advanced coursework, increases access to innovative teaching strategies for Oklahoma educators, and provides an opportunity for OSU faculty to engage in interdisciplinary professional development and research productivity that will benefit the university in outside funding and research publications. The OSU/ANGARI project will be used as a model for future partnerships in other universities across the United States.