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Oklahoma State University

Health Sciences Deans and Department Heads

Center for Health Sciences

President, OSU-CHS Dean, OSU-COM
Dr. Kayse Shrum
1111 W. 17th, Tulsa
(918) 561-8201

Chief Operating Officer and Interim Vice President for Research and Professor of Internal Medicine
Dr. Johnny Stephens
1111 W. 17th, Tulsa
(918) 561-5727

Provost and Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Associate Dean for Rural Health
Professor of Family Medicine

Dr. William Pettit
1111 W. 17th, Tulsa
(918) 561-8212

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine

Dr. Robin Dyer
1111 W. 17th, Tulsa
(918) 561-1264

Vice Provost for Graduate Programs
Associate Dean for Biomedical Sciences

Dr. Bruce Benjamin
1111 W. 17th, Tulsa
(918) 561-1222

Associate Dean for Enrollment Management
Atty. Jeff Hackler
1111 W. 17th, Tulsa
(918) 561-8205

Associate Dean for Clinical Education and Simulation Medicine
Dr. Joseph Johnson, Interim 
1111 W. 17th, Tulsa
(918) 561-8288

Associate Dean, Office for the Advancement of American Indians in Medicine and Science
Professor of Anatomy

Dr. Kent Smith
1111 W. 17th, Tulsa
(918) 561-8246

Director of Medical Education, OSU Medical Center
Medical Director, OSU-Physicians

Dr. Jenny Alexopulos
1111 W. 17th, Tulsa
(918) 599-5922

Anatomy and Cell Biology
Dr. Kenneth Miller
1111 W. 17th, Tulsa
(918) 561-8253

Biochemistry & Microbiology
Dr. Charles Sanny
1111 W. 17th, Tulsa
(918) 561-8245

Family Medicine
Dr. Christopher Thurman
1111 W. 17th, Tulsa
(918) 561-8400

Forensic Sciences
Dr. Robert Allen, Director
1111 W. 17th, Tulsa
(918) 561-1292

Internal Medicine
Dr. Damon Baker, Director
717 S. Houston, Suite 304, Tulsa
(918) 382-3535

Obstetrics and Gynecology
Dr. Lance Frye
717 S. Houston, Suite 200, Tulsa
(918) 586-4522

Dr. Anthony Alfrey
1111 W. 17th, Tulsa
(918) 561-8231

Dr. Rhonda Casey
717 S. Houston, 4th Floor, Tulsa
(918) 382-3190

Pharmacology and Physiology
Dr. Alexander Rouch, Director
1111 W. 17th, Tulsa
(918) 561-8228

Jason Beaman, D.O.
1111 W. 17th, Tulsa
(918) 561-8269

Dr. Dean Fullingim
1111 W. 17th, Tulsa
(918) 582-1972

Dr. Michael Thomas
802 S. Jackson, Tulsa
(918) 747-5322