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Oklahoma State University

Faculty Overload and Workload Task Force

Oklahoma State University has reached a point where each college needs to specify a standard workload policy for its entire faculty as well as a standard overload policy.  Please note that the work of the task force will not apply to summer salary earned from instruction, research and/or extension/outreach assignments.  The workload policy will need to take into account the differing demands of faculty in different types of appointments.  It will not be the job of the task force to specify a workload policy for each college, but merely to provide guidelines for what considerations such a workload policy might entail.  Equally importantly, the task force is to recommend to the Provost a ceiling on overload activities.  It would be up to this group to determine what this ceiling might be.  For example (and these are only examples), it might be 12 months of salary per faculty member, or 10% over one's annualized salary base, or whatever the task force sees as fit.  Three questions the task force might consider are (a) what is fair and equitable, (b) what is in the best interest of the university as a whole, and (c) how would the policy be perceived if it were to be broadcast widely by state media?

Status - Draft policies under review by Faculty Council and the Council of Deans


Task Force Overload Pay Recommendation - May 2012

Task Force Workload Recommendation - May 2012

Faculty Council Overload Pay Recommendation - October 2012

Faculty Council Workload Pay Recommendation - October 2012

OSU/A&M Approved Overload Policy for Faculty - April 2013