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Oklahoma State University

Education Deans and School Heads

Education, Health and Aviation

Dean of Education, Health and Aviation and Executive Director of Professional Education
Dr. John Romans
339 Willard
(405) 744-3373

Associate Dean, Academic Affairs
Dr. Jennifer Sanders, Interim 
336 Willard
(405) 744-5217

Associate Dean, Research, Engagement and Administration
Dr. Bert Jacobson
332 Willard
(405) 744-5217

School of Community Health Sciences, Counseling and Counseling Psychology
Dr. Julie Koch
439 Willard
(405) 744-6049

School of Educational Foundations, Leadership and Aviation
Dr. Susan Stansberry 
204 Willard
(405) 744-6632

School of Kinesiology, Applied Health and Recreation
Dr. Doug Smith
199A Colvin Recreation Center

School of Teaching, Learning and Educational Sciences
Dr. Adrienne Sanogo, Interim 
245 Willard
(405) 744-9898

Student Services
Ms. Leslie Evans, Associate Director
106 Willard
(405) 744-6350