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Oklahoma State University

Education, Health and Aviation/Human Sciences Deans and Department Heads

Education, Health and Aviation/Human Sciences

Interim Dean of Education, Health and Aviation and Executive Director of Professional Education, and Dean, Human Sciences
Dr. Stephan Wilson
106 Human Sciences
(405) 744-9805

Associate Dean, Academic Affairs
Dr. Adrienne Sanogo
109 Human Sciences
(405) 744-7188
Associate Dean, Extension, Engagement and Continuing Education
Dr. Jorge H. Atiles
135 Human Sciences
(405) 744-6280
Associate Dean, Research and Graduate Studies
Dr. Christine Johnson
339 Willard
(405) 744-3373
Community Health Sciences, Counseling and Counseling Psychology
Dr. Julie Koch
434B Willard
(405) 744-6040
Design, Housing and Merchandising
Dr. Lynn Boorady
431 Human Sciences
(405) 744-5035
Educational Foundations, Leadership and Aviation
Dr. Chad Depperschmidt, Interim
204 Willard
(405) 744-6632
Human Development and Family Science
Dr. Sissy Osteen
233 Human Sciences
(405) 744-5057
Kinesiology, Applied Health and Recreation
Dr. Bert Jacobson, Interim
180 Colvin Recreation Center
(405) 744-9337
Nutritional Sciences
Dr. Stephen Clarke
301 Human Sciences
(405) 744-5041
Teaching, Learning and Educational Sciences
Dr. Jennifer Sanders 
242 Willard
(405) 744-9214
Director, Student Academic Services
Ms. Kristi Seuhs
101 Human Sciences
(405) 744-9385